Family Successes

Families Overcoming Adversity...

A family that has been through many daily challenges and can still smile and laugh, truly has the ability to bring joy to those around them. Read below for the story of one family who successfully graduated from our program:


Hellen came for Application Day in January 2020 looking for housing for her and two year-old son Josh. Unfortunately, Hellen was not accepted into the program due to not being able to save 50% of her income. She was devastated! Hellen never gave up on her goal and completed a phone screening in May 2020. This time she was one of the families selected for an intake interview, where she was chosen as a candidate for our 120-day program.


Hellen was a victim of domestic violence in 2019 and needed a place to live since she was living at a friend's house with Josh. Hellen was working part-time at McDonald’s and in the process of finishing her general education credits in college. In June, Hellen and her son Josh moved to our 120-day program and expressed their gratitude for this opportunity.


Ever since Hellen joined the program, she has done an amazing job calling on time for her phone weekly case management/therapy sessions, saving 50% of her income, and keeping constant communication with all staff. Due to Hellen’s success in the 120-day program, the client service team decided to give Hellen the opportunity to move to  our one-year program. In October 2020, Hellen received the keys and moved to her new apartment.


Hellen continues working at McDonalds for 30+ hours a week and is in the process of starting school in November at North West College to pursue her dreams of becoming a LVN. Hellen’s goals for the 1-year program are to enhance her education, continue saving, and following programs rules and regulations.


The family has struggled with many difficulties in their lives, which has served to bring them closer. Because of all they have been through they are stronger individuals and a great example of how we can all overcome adversity.

Transforming Lives...

Joanna came for application day October, 2019 after being enrolled in our community-based parenting program and learning about our housing program. She was looking for housing for herself, husband Juan, and two-year old baby Victor. The family had received a 30 to 60-day notice to vacate their apartment due to upcoming apartment renovations and significant rent increases. Joanna was working part-time as an operator in a third shift and Juan as a certified medical assistance.

In December of 2019, Joanna and her family moved in to our 120-day program and expressed their gratitude for having been one of the families selected during Intake. Since Joanna and Juan started the program, their case manager was able to see their great potential and willingness to take full advantage of the services provided. They always arrived on time and well prepared for their weekly case management and therapy meetings, and saved 50% of their income on a regular basis. One month after having moved-in, Joanna received a letter from work stating that starting in January of 2020 and due to declining sales, third shift production would be eliminated. The news was devastating for the family, but they remained positive about their situation and Joanna started actively seeking employment while taking care of Victor and being a full-time college student studying Kinesiology.
Joanna and Juan had one thing in mind; save as much money as possible to get their own place after completing the 120-day program. They were even able to their $500 security deposit from their old apartment. Due to both residents’ hard work towards looking for housing, they were able to find a studio in the city of Ontario within two months of moving into our program. Not only that, but Joanna mentioned during the exit walk-through that she was able to find a part-time job as a store clerk, which she will do in addition to school. .
Joanna and Juan expressed being very grateful for everything Foothill Family Shelter did for them, particularly being able to save $2,082 in just two months. Finally, they expressed that the key for future residents to succeed in the program is to be proactive towards the housing search, following rules and regulations and saving the most money possible while in the program.
Congratulations Joanna and Juan for all of your success!