About Us & History

About Foothill Family Shelter

Foothill Family Shelter is a nonprofit organization founded in 1984 which houses homeless families with children for a period of up to 120 days, free of rent and utility charges. We also provide one-year transitional housing as well as extended housing.


Foothill Family Shelter began as St. Mark's Homeless Shelter and currently serves as a transitional facility for homeless families with children from the west end of San Bernardino County and the east end of Los Angeles County. The Shelter has 7 - two bedroom apartments which are fully furnished and offered free for a maximum of 120 days. We also provide 12 - two bedroom apartments for 1 - year transitional housing and 8- two bedroom apartments for extended housing.


We are a member agency of the Inland Empire United Way, and members of the San Bernardino County Homeless Coalition, the San Bernardino Community Action Partnership, and the National Alliance to End Homelessness. 


Over 35 years ago, Foothill Family Shelter began as a missions outreach to the homeless community by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. The goal was to provide emergency overnight shelter to homeless families with children. Beginning January 31, 1984, a motel room with a kitchenette was rented on a weekly basis that provided overnight, weekend shelter and food. This program operated continuously until August, 1993 and again March through May 1994. Realization of the growing need by those involved led to a program expansion.


In 1987 and 1988, a second component was added. The program was extended and two four-unit apartment buildings were acquired through State ESP funds, private grants, and fundraising activities. Initially, it was a 60-day program, was then extended to a 90-day program in 1990, and then a 120-day shelter program in January 2003. Our program operates as such today, serving the population of homeless families with children.


Continuing to follow our strategic plan, an additional two four-plexes were acquired in May of 2001 from the City of Upland, in an effort to assist the city in rehabilitating apartment complexes that had formerly been infested with drug activity and to offer additional housing units for homeless families. Our clients needed additional time for training, schooling or to find better jobs. Hence, our one-year program was born.


In October 2002, continuing our strategic plan to expand, an additional four-plex was purchased. In 2005, we acquired two more four-plexes, giving us a total of 28 two-bedroom, one bath apartment units; in seven four-plex buildings.