Foothill Family Shelter
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Upland, CA 91786
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Service Details

Case Management and Therapy
Once a client is accepted into our 120-day program, they are assigned to a Case Manager and Therapist. Each family will receive a Psychological Evaluation and Depression survey, which are completed during the first 7 days in the program. Drug tests & alcohol testing are run on the adult family members and sent to a lab for analysis. Based on the assessment, the Client Service Team and residents agree on case plan and identify and develop a plan for reaching each goal. Within the family plan, each adult and child has an individual mental health plan. The team meets with residents weekly to document that services are delivered, to identify and resolve problems that may occur with accessing and utilization of services; to identify changes in residents' needs; and any additional services needed. Case notes and progress are maintained in the confidential case file. Regular meetings are held with the Client Service Team and reassessments are conducted as needed.
All families enrolled in our program must participate in mandatory therapy, case management, employment preparation, parenting education and credit repair services while they receive free housing in our two-bedroom apartments. Throughout our three-phased program, our comprehensive services ensure clients achieve three self-sustaining goals:
1. All adults either secure or improve their employment position upon entry into our program
 2. It is mandatory that all clients save a minimum of 50% of their income
3. All clients must learn at least three new independent living skills, such as household budgeting, employment/Internet job search and resume writing skills and conflict resolution skills.
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