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Touching Lives

Families Overcoming Adversity...
   A family that has been through many daily challenges and can still smile and laugh, truly has the ability to bring joy to those around them.
   Roy, a single father with two children, has had his share of tough times. The children were abandoned at a young age by their mother and were placed in foster care. Roy worked hard at different jobs, making good money, and was able to regain custody of his children. Unfortunately, Roy was injured on the job and was unable to work, due to this and other complications, they lost their place to live and were forced to stay in their car. Roy made sure the children got to school on time every day.
   A friend referred Roy to a local church, who in turn told him about Foothill Family Shelter. The family applied and was accepted into into our 120 day program at the end of 2007. Roy had a job and immediately started saving 50% of his income. The family participated in all aspects of our comprehensive support services, including counseling, case management, parenting and life skills training classes, as well as other age appropriate activites/programs for children. Goals that the family established were accomplished within the 120-days and the family moved into our 1-year transitional housing program.
   Roy now has a checking account, a secured credit card, and continues to deposit money in his savings account. The children both want to continue on to college and hope to be able to help others in need.
   The family has struggled with many difficulties in their lives, which has served to bring them closer. The love they share for one another is amazing. Because of all they have been through they are stronger individuals and a great example of how we can all overcome adversity.
Transforming Lives...
   Barbara has made so many self improvements since she was accepted into the 120-day program. Prior to our program, she had little to no support from family or friends, her finances were all over the place, and her living was unstable. Currently, she has secured low income housing, her finances are in better shape than before to include a rainy day fund, and her oldest son is on track to graduate high school early and begin community college.

   Stories like Barbara's inspire us everyday! We know the value of our services and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support and commitment to serving these motivated individuals. While we can't help everyone, those we do help make incredible strides. Thank you for believing in Foothill Family Shelter! 
Creating Lasting Family Memories...
   Each year we take our families to a Quakes Baseball Game. This event is made possible by the generosity of donors and kind individuals throughout our community. For many families, this is their first official ballgame, and for others, this is the first time they've had the opportunity to do something fun as a family. Our families work hard to improve their lives, and they work even harder when they're in our program. This event allows families to bond, foster strong relationships and connect with one another. Homelessness creates many barriers and constant struggles and this is a night our families can set their worries aside and enjoy some baseball. PLAY BALL!
Children's Enrichment Activities...
   It's the simple things our families often times miss out on. Our children's enrichment programs allow our children to experience many opportunities they wouldn't otherwise get to do. Make-and-Take A Pumpkin is a tradition each year. Every Fall our children are invited to a pumpkin decorating party, where they get to pick their very own pumpkin, decorate it, and then cherish the memories for a lifetime.
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